Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stagecoach Days!

The City of Wyoming Stagecoach Days was tons of fun! The Engstroms on East Viking walked down the street about two blocks and ate fair food, rode some rides, drank some beer, listened to music, but we didn't have to use the "port-a-potties" - we just walked the two blocks back home!

Other highlights: gunfight at the empty lot 3 doors down, historic exhibit at the library (the swamp behind us has always been a swamp, and we reside in what used to be Wahlgren's Woods), and trying out Minnesota's new apple variety, the Zestar - supposedly the sweetest apple in existence.

The day ended with a fireworks display at Goodview Park, where Matt, Carolyn, CC, Andy, Shurene, and Kaylee piled into the back of Matt's pickup with blankets, popcorn and pop and watched the fireworks from only about 100 yards away. The truck thrummed with every boom, and the grand finale was something to see, hear and feel so close. CC didn't really like the noise, but managed to clap her hands inbetween whines.

After the show we came back to Matt's house and had a bonfire. It was a great day.

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